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Throughout time, there have been mysteries mankind cannot explain. But advances in technology have led to new theories, and the search is underway for evidence that may unlock the most baffling questions of our time The episode examines the mystery of whether or not Adolf Hitler really committed suicide as Allied Forces invaded Berlin, or managed to escape the country since no body was ever produced. Forensic investigators examine an alleged piece of Hitler's skull provided by the Russians to determine if it really belongs to the dictator.

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The episode examines the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle to find out what could be disorienting airplane pilots, such as a theory that solar energy combined with thunderstorms will create an "electronic fog", and to search near the Bahamas for the wreckage of the first reported aircraft to go missing.

Using the latest forensic technology, investigators reexamine evidence that could possibly lay to rest the identity of the infamous Zodiac Killer , whose murder spree terrorized the residents and baffled the police in the San Francisco Bay Area of the s.

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Using the latest in sonar and underwater exploration technology, investigators dive to various submerged ruins, including Bimini Road in the Bahamas , with the hope that one of them could possibly be the remains of the legendary city of Atlantis. Shadowed by military security, investigators trek into the Nevada desert and use the latest in surveillance technology to monitor supposed UFO activity at the most classified U.

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They reportedly fled to Paraguay where they plotted to reestablish their sinister regime. A look at the history of Alcatraz Island which is located in the middle of San Francisco Bay and once a federal prison which opened in It was deemed inescapable, but in three inmates managed to escape from the island; they were never seen or heard from again.

Investigators try to determine if the men could have survived the frigid waters and made it to freedom.

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Over a century ago, London was terrorized by one of the most famous, and earliest documented serial killers , Jack the Ripper , who slaughtered prostitutes in the Whitechapel district. Unsolved to this day, authorities dismissed the killer as a local madman, but investigators are now looking into surprising new evidence that theorizes the killer could possibly have been a woman, or not English, but an American.

A team is sent to investigate Stonehenge — the mysterious ring of standing stones in Wiltshire, England — to test a new theory that sound reverberation was used to induce trance-like states among the ancient worshipers who used the stones for religious and sacrificial rituals.

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A look back at the most famous paranormal case in US history, The Amityville Horror — the demonic haunting of a Long Island home which inspired numerous books, documentaries and films. Read more Read less.

The Hopeless Quest To Solve Country Music’s Most Mysterious Song

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