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Her petulant whining? The smell of burned espresso forever baked into her fingers? Also, after he revealed his identity, he disappeared never to be heard from again, like the clap after seven days of Cipro.

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Bart Bass Coming Back From the Dead By the time season five rolled around, everyone had hooked up with everyone else and the show was out of twists and shocks. So when Bart Bass returned to torture his son Chuck, we all just rolled our eyes and went along with it.

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By the time he was hanging from the side of a building and Chuck let him plummet to his death, though, nobody bought it. Actually, go ahead and me because I will defend her to the death, like Khaleesi pulling a giant arrow out of one of her dragons. To a complete stranger. Which was equally unbelievable. Carr was creepy in a Mary Kay Letourneau kind of way and it was, you know, illegal. Things got really crazy when Serena started an affair with her old teacher Ben.

You know, the one who was sent to prison for having feelings for Serena when he was her English teacher.

I mean, what was this show even about? Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Penn Badgley. Photo: The CW. Tags: vulture lists gossip girl gossip girl anniversary tv.

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Most Viewed Stories. By Ramsey Ess and Stefan Sirucek. At first Cora blamed Robert for Sybil's death, he himself admitting there was truth in her blame. But Robert disagreed with him, believing that his granddaughter should be baptised a part of the Church of England. He thought the idea of Tom naming his daughter after her mother was "ghoulish" and he said the only way she could move up in life was through her mother's aristocratic blood, indicating he was still upset over his daughter marrying Tom.

He was also eager to have Tom leave following Sybil's death, despite Edith's insistence he stay at least until he got back on his feet.

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Violet also was eager to have Tom stay so baby "Sybbie" could grow up in a better environment than with Tom's brother in a garage, and so encouraged his succession to the position of manager of the estate. Matthew does not wish to interfere with Robert's running of the estate. However, after going through the books, he comes to see that the estate has never been managed as a self sustaining business. When he points this out, Robert is resistant to change the way things are done, and after Cora sides with her sons-in-law, Robert feels devastated, that there is no place for him in this new vision.

Tom later tells him that with their individual skills, investment in improvements, and Robert's sense for tradition and caring for the people of the estate, the estate should be able to be made profitable. Robert did seem to respect Tom more after this speech, saying he was "very eloquent" and a good spokesperson for Matthew's vision. He insisted Tom help out with the cricket team, even though Tom had never played before.

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Thomas, formerly Robert's valet, is threatened with dismissal and possible imprisonment for assault. When Robert learns of it, he not only decides that Thomas will stay, but furthermore promotes him, as he thinks the matter not important enough to ruin Thomas' life he also did not want to lose the house's best cricket player with a large match coming up. When Alfred subsequently reports Thomas to the police, Robert persuades Alfred to tell them that he was mistaken, being drunk at the time. He actually tries to keep her sheltered rather than bring her out of mourning, unlike his mother, son-in-law, and butler.

When a letter Matthew wrote intending to write a will naming Mary as his heiress is revealed, Robert tries to fight the possibilty that it could stand as a will on its own, but loses. His sense of tradition nevertheless earns Mary's and Tom's respect when he places his faith in a local tenant farmer, Tim Drewe , who wants to stay on despite his father's huge debts.

He begrudgingly faces progress and change such as when having to sit next to Dame Nellie Melba during dinner when she visits. He avoids Edith's love interest Michael Gregson , convinced Edith could do "a great deal better. When Edith is consumed by fear and grief after Michael disappears, Robert maintains confidence that Michael is still out there and will be alright. Like Cora, he has no idea that Edith is in fact pregnant with Gregson's child. When his brother-in-law gets involved in the Teapot Dome Scandal, Robert is upset that both Harold and his mother Martha insist he come over for support.

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He cannot understand why, but he does go, and takes Thomas Barrow with him instead of John Bates after Mary convinces him Bates needs to stay and be with his wife. Robert returns in time for the bazaar, and informs his mother than both their in-laws will be coming over later for Rose's debunate ball. Robert and his family go to their London residence Grantham House for the season and Rose's debunate.

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Rose approaches him after her presentation before the king and reveals that her new friend, Freda Dudley Ward , mistress to the Prince of Wales , lost a love letter from the prince she left in her handbag. Rose suspects Robert's acquaintance Terence Sampson. Robert is extremely upset by the prince's scandalous behavior, but because he is a monarchist he wishes to avoid a crisis and contain it, mostly because he feels his own family would be implicated because, as he puts it, "We introduced Sampson to Mrs Dudley Ward and Rose as good as gave him the letter!

Rosamund meanwhile takes Isobel, Cora, Edith, and Martha to see a play. Unfortunately the letter is not found in the flat, but then Bates reveals it to Lord Grantham, having suspected Sampson might have carried it with him instead and sneaked it out of his coat pocket when helping him put his coat on. Thomas Barrow reveals to Lord Grantham that he saw Tom with Sarah Bunting one night back at Downton while the rest of the family were in London, and implies something improper was going on mostly out of personal resentment for having to serve a former chauffeur.

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Robert questioned Tom in the card game and though did not get far remained suspicious. When a fire breaks out from Edith's bedroom, Robert goes to Lady Anstruther's bedroom to warn her when suddenly he found her and his footman Jimmy in bed together. The Earl then dismisses Jimmy. Robert and his butler Carson, then discuss about which would be the best place to accommodate a war memorial, Carson says the cricket pitch and Robert says the centre of the village.

Carson disagrees with him until they both were moved by a woman's words to her late dead husband veteran and Carson finally accepts. He later added another memorial to Mrs Patmore's nephew as he was to be left off his hometown's because he was shot for cowardice. Robert is initially against having a wireless at Downton but when he hears the king is going to speak on it, he relents. He also allowed Edith to take an interest in one of the Drewe family's children which is Marigold without knowing that Marigold is in fact Edith's biological daughter but later realized the truth when he notices Edith's affection for Marigold as well as the girl's resemblance to Michael Gregson; he agreed at Cora's request to remain silent and admitted he believed he would love his new granddaughter.

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  8. Robert also dislikes Sarah Bunting, Tom Branson's political friend, as she is very rude and that he feels that Sarah is converting Tom back to the man he once was, a political person who was against the English and the aristocrats. He also gets jealous when he finds out Cora has been on a day out with the suave art historian Simon Bricker , as he wanted to surprise her out for dinner at a classy restaurant.

    When he comes back one night and finds Bricker in her room, he gets into a fight with him and then distances himself from Cora. However, his relationship with Cora mends when she tells him he can stay away if he has never let a flirtation get out of hand himself, reminding him of his affair with Jane Moorsum during the war. Robert is overcome with grief at the news that his beloved dog Isis is dying from cancer.

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    When Edith "adopts" a child that the Drewe family claims they cannot afford, he is against the idea but consents when Cora insists they should offer the little girl a home. In reality the girl, Marigold , is Edith's illegitimate daughter by her dead lover, Michael Gregson. Edith does not want Robert or Mary to know, but Robert figures out the truth after noting Edith's "obsession" with the child and realizing that a "sense of deja vu" he's been having when he looks at Marigold is because she reminds him of Gregson. But Cora urges him to remain silent when he confirms the truth with her.