The Canterville Ghost

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The bloodstain is a tourist attraction now and it cannot be removed.

The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde

But as soon as the blood-stain disappears, a terrible flash of lightning lits up the room and the whole building shakes. Apart from the horrible storm at night, it was a rather peaceful night. The next morning, however, the blood stain reappears.

Washington cleans it the second time and third, but it reappears every single day. At 1 AM that night, Mr. Otis wakes up to the sounds of clank of metal.

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There, right in front of him, stood the ghost — whose wrists and ankles hung heavy chains. I have therefore brought you this bottle of lubricator, and I will be happy to supply you with more if you require it. Just at this moment, the twins throw a large pillow at him!

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  6. The ghost hastily escapes, and takes a deep breath upon reaching his small secret chamber. But the blood stain is found every morning in different colors.

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    Some days it was red, some days brown or purple. For some unexplained reason, Virginia she was rather annoyed at the sight of the blood-stain, and nearly cries the morning it was green. The ghost appears again on Sunday night. A suit of armor falls on the ghost. The twins started shooting peas at him with their pea-shooters, the ghost stands up with an angry growl and passes through them like a mist.

    I have therefore brought you this bottle of medicine. This American family was extremely annoying. But what annoyed him most was, that he had not been able to wear the suit of armor. For some days, the ghost left his room only to renew the blood stain. In order to scare the Otis family again, the Canterville Ghost leaves his chamber but is terrified when he comes across another ghost. It is a ghost story, a comedy and a romance all rolled into one, told with the offbeat, rolling wit that only Wilde can tell. An American family moves into a haunted mansion in England, but it is they who torment the ghost with their irrepressible irreverence, finally driving the phantom to despair.

    The lovely, charming daughter of the family, strikes up a friendship with the ghost, freeing it, with her prayer and tears. It is a tragic tale with a happy ending , a wonderful story for all ages. View 2 comments. When I was little I had the opportunity to see an adaptation in cartoons of this work and I loved it, and thanks to reading this story I was able to relive this story again.

    I like that it is something dark and that the characters are satirical, since this generates a balance within the work. I recommended it for its landscapes, characters and plots. Americans are brash, tacky, shallow, pompous, and they really, really like to talk about products and shop for products and use products. Odd theme for a scary tale, right? Well, it so happens that it fits quite nicely in the ghost story format.

    And this is not the only time this has happened. You may not realize it, but I assure you that you already know the general plot and tone of this story: Biiiiiig city Americans New Yorkers, in fact move into a somewhat worn-down but charming estate in t Americans are brash, tacky, shallow, pompous, and they really, really like to talk about products and shop for products and use products. You may not realize it, but I assure you that you already know the general plot and tone of this story: Biiiiiig city Americans New Yorkers, in fact move into a somewhat worn-down but charming estate in the English countryside which is haunted by a guy and his wife who murdered his wife, and all kinds of darkly humorous shenanigans ensue as this ghost attempts to chase the stubborn, pretentious New Yorkers from his home in a town called Winter River?

    No, wait, it's England Rather than feeling fear or fascination, they quickly disregard the ghost as nothing more than a pest, and try to offer him American products like fancy oils to make his chains stop rattling and special cleaners to remove the blood that he is constantly re-staining the floor with.

    The youngest children find great pleasure in torturing him in numerous ways that slowly eat away at his self-confidence. Fortunately for this sad bastard spirit, the family contains an open-minded and kind-hearted teenage daughter yes, seriously who understands the ghost in ways that her family never could, and therefore wants to help him out.

    This is where the plot veers off from Burton, and this is where I must leave you. To maintain an aura of mystery around this story, let's just say that she gets an A on the big math test and note that I am probably lying. The story is well-written, well-paced, and just plain fun to read.

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    Though my rating may be a wee-bit high, it is only because I am trying to avoid the "judging a work for how good that author can be rather than for the story's own merit" effect. Dorian Gray is one of my favorite books of all time, and I am afraid that if I gauge my rating of this short on that masterpiece of a novel, I would have to knock it down far too low for what it deserves as a stand-alone story largely designed for children. So, yeah. How about we just say 3. View all 22 comments. What a cute little story this was!

    Someone over at Booklikes recommended it to me, and I'm so glad I followed through.

    The Canterville Ghost 1974

    The Canterville Ghost is not scary at all, but it IS funny and as the story goes on, rather pitiful. I found myself laughing at some portions and then all but shedding a tear towards the end. This is a short story which is available for free, or at least this version is, at Amazon, and you can add the Audio for a nominal fee. Dec 08, Piyangie rated it really liked it Shelves: short-story-novella , children-ya-classic , irish-lit.

    What a fun read this was! I'm definitely in love with Oscar Wild works. He combines simple language with wit and humour which is easy to read and which completely holds your attention and leave you in awe once you are done with the reading. The story is about a ghost who had haunted his family castle and who had terrified all his descendants and their associates who was finally outwitted by an American family. Poor Ghost.

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    He was so humiliated as he says to himself that "no ghost in history had e What a fun read this was! He was so humiliated as he says to himself that "no ghost in history had ever been treated in this manner". Underlying this simple fun story, there is a contrast that has been drawn between British and American culture, values and ways of thinking. There is gentle humour on both sides. And amidst the humour, there is also an important message set in the story on life, death, love and forgiveness.

    All in all, I enjoyed the read thoroughly and had a good laugh. Jan 22, Quirkyreader rated it it was amazing. This is one of my favourite Wilde stories.

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    Oct 12, Apatt rated it really liked it Shelves: classics. Hiram B. Otis, the American Minister does not believe in no ghost, but he soon changes his mind when he has his close encounter. Even then, contrary to expectations, he is not particularly bothered. Otis and family move into Canterville Chase, completely unmindful of the warning from Lord Canterville that the house is haunted. However, he is soon convinced by seeing the ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville himself. Soon Sir Simon finds himself the object of bullying and pranks the Otis twins.

    His continued efforts to scare the Otis family members meet with failure, and humiliation and he ends up being more scared of the living than they are of him. Eventually, Sir Simon is left dejected and depressed, taking to moping in some quiet corner by himself.