Screen Fight: Martial Art Movie Legends

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It looks powerful and shows off his efficiency.

Screen Fight: Martial Art Movie Legends

Lots of discussion about how the film is going to be made prior to getting on set. In Asia there's a lot more spontaneity, but less time to prepare. I had a luxurious trailer to rest in inbetween takes!

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His idea of advocating crossing different martial arts methods was seen as "blasphemous" back then - as "different styles were seen almost as religions". Ng points out that you can see Lee's blending of different styles and approaches in the world of modern mixed martial arts.

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There's not a lot of people more inspirational than Bruce Lee. What China's rising cinematic influence means for Hollywood. Sign in Edit Account Sign Out. Updated Friday, 6th September , pm.

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Thanks for signing up! Sorry, there seem to be some issues. Please try again later. And Lee, it turns out, very much embraced the atmosphere of that era.

King Boxer a.k.a. Five Fingers of Death

Watching Jackie Chan performing his morning workout routine in the opening of the Hong Kong comedy Wheels on Meals will make yours look pathetic by comparison. In one of the greatest moves in martial arts cinema, Urquidez performs a spin-kick that actually extinguishes a row of candles. The chemistry between real-life friends Jackie, star and director Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao is not to be missed. Any film featuring the trio is one to watch. Kill Zone — S. This modern classic stars Simon Yam as a cop ready to retire, but determined to bring down a ruthless kingpin Hung — even if he has to play dirty.

Yen stars as his successor who is reluctantly pulled into the scheme.

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Once Upon a Time in China. Featuring low-angle shots galore, the amazing climactic ladder fight scene is a fine example of creative wire work and use of props. Drunken Master II. Drunken Master II is vintage Jackie — always the clown, but fast and furious. His jumps, kicks, and punches showcase his natural athletic and acrobatic ability. The minute climactic showdown is legendary. The choreography, stunts, special effects, and the camera work all add up to a fight scene that leaves first timers with their mouths agape and forces previous viewers to give nods of approval.

There are so many great Jackie Chan fight scenes, and you could easily make an entire best fight scenes list that featured nothing but scene from his films and it would totally count as a legitimate list. That being said, this fight scene is, in our opinion, the greatest of all time. You have the classic story beats of a great Jackie Chan fight scene. Then something flips. In this case, he drinks a bunch of pure alcohol used for cleaning mechanical gears. This scene is funny, exciting, suspenseful, and filmed in a perfect wide shot.

Everything is painfully authentic, and skills filmmaking included are on full display. If you have some great scenes that you think should have made our list, make sure to tell us in the comments below. Make a compelling enough argument and we may just add it to our best martial arts fight scenes list. Create robust and customizable shot lists.

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Best Chienese Kung fu fight scene you never see before AWESOME FIGHT MOVES AND TECHNIQUES

It is the Want your movie to have a professional movie poster? Great Martial Arts Fights Best Keanu Reeves Fight Scenes Best Karate Fight Scenes It has all of the parts that make up a great fight scene, including some laughs spread out in the action, and violence that shakes your senses awake. Best Martial Arts Scenes Ong-Bak Fight Club Scene The thing that jumps out at me in the Ong-Bak fight club scene that makes it one of the best of all time is the variety.

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  4. Ong Bak Fight Club Scene. Best Tony Jaa Fight Scenes 9. The scene is slower than most because there was very little margin for error, and the execution had to be technically perfect. The Protector Staircase Fight. Best Bruce Lee Fights Scenes 8. Fists of Fury Dojo Fight Scene This is one of the more iconic Bruce Lee fight scenes, and it shows how a group of combatants can lead to a more exciting fight scene.