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Specialists brought everything he needed to be comfortable at home, and Aline called all their friends and family. Rich had the final good fortune to attend the celebration of his life.

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Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Close Menu Search Search. Mesothelioma View Subpages. Understanding Pleural Mesothelioma.

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Basics of Peritoneal Mesothelioma. Factors That Affect Your Prognosis. Improve Your Nutrition. What Is Stage 4 Mesothelioma? What Causes Malignant Mesothelioma? Cancer Location and Cell Type. Living With Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma Misdiagnosis. Mesothelioma Survivors.

Mesothelioma Vs. Lung Cancer. Veterans and Mesothelioma. Finding Treatment View Subpages. When is Surgery an Option? Rise of Multimodal Therapy. The Future of Treatment. Improving Overall Health. Alternative Treatments Used by Survivors. Doctors View Subpages. Promising Clinical Trials. Notable Mesothelioma Cancer Centers. Second Opinions. David Sugarbaker. Paul Sugarbaker. Financial Assistance View Subpages. Preparing for a Mesothelioma Lawsuit.

Mesothelioma Settlement Process. How a Mesothelioma Lawyer Can Help. Free Mesothelioma Guide to Improve Your Prognosis We offer a free personalized treatment guide, books and support wristbands for patients and caregivers. Get Help Now. Fact Checked. The fact-checking process on MesotheliomaPrognosis. If any information is incorrect or unclear, please contact our webmaster.


Written By Vanessa Blanco. Life expectancies for patients with mesothelioma are improving. Need Help Finding a Specialist? Contact Us Now for Free Assistance. Live Support. Despite it all, Kay makes a point of being grateful for what she has. Many mesothelioma patients must travel hundreds of miles to find such a specialist. And of course, she cherished every moment she got to spend with her family.

Despite the billions of dollars collected and spent on breast-cancer research over the past half-century, relatively little has been devoted to studying metastatic-breast-cancer patients or their particular forms of the disease.

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There are so many factors when it comes to receiving treatment for cancer. Access to quality, affordable health care is one, while appropriate workplace accommodations are another, as Victoria Blinder, MD, MSc, points out in this article. This moving article shares his experience and how over people, mostly strangers, volunteered to be liver donors. Tennessee became the first state in the country to release a plan proposing to block grant its Medicaid program. The use of e-cigarettes, especially by teens and young adults, and the health concerns associated with their use have gained considerable media attention.

Public scrutiny intensified even more after reports that at least seven people have died from vaping-related illnesses. The federal government is reviewing its policies, and two states, Michigan and New York, already took action to remove e-cigarettes from stores. While some adults use e-cigarettes to help quit smoking, the number of teens who use e-cigarettes has increased sharply. No one should use e-cigarettes or any other tobacco product. The journalism and cancer communities are both deeply saddened this week by the passing of Cokie Roberts.

A pioneer for women in journalism, she was also a staunch, outspoken advocate for cancer patients and survivorship issues. A longtime friend of NCCS, and a cancer survivor herself, her passion and dedication to improving the lives of cancer patients and their families will be missed. NCCS and our partner patient advocacy organizations conducted a survivorship survey and promoted it to our constituents. We were thrilled that 1, cancer survivors responded and grateful to those of you who took the time to do so.

They reported a mix of financial, emotional, and physical concerns when navigating their survivorship. Cancer survivor Laura Landro wrote this excellent piece highlighting how patients must navigate a multitude of physical and emotional survivorship issues. NCCS provided information for the piece, which mentions our survivorship survey results.

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This detailed and heartbreaking article illustrates the perils of purchasing short-term health insurance plans. The Diaz family thought they were buying comprehensive health coverage for a lower cost than their previous plan, which was ACA-compliant. You can listen to this informative discussion and find links to more reading here.

The episode is also available from the "On Point" podcast , which you can find on your favorite podcast app. I have walked through many difficult things in my life. Yet, it took me years to realize that seeking help takes more strength and courage than not. Along with surprise medical bills gaining more scrutiny, so has the behavior of some hospitals for aggressively filing lawsuits against patients.

It is this type of reporting that shines a spotlight on these practices and helps change behavior.

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In August, we noted that President Trump and other members of his administration mentioned that they intend to unveil a substantial health care plan later this month. As we await the details of that plan, we wanted to share this Kaiser Health News article that examines what such a plan may, or may not, include.

Congress returns to Washington next week, after the August recess. We will monitor and report on Congressional action on policy issues, including surprise medical billing, drug pricing, and more. Researchers looked particularly at rates of insured vs.

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Their conclusion is that the ACA helped significantly reduce rates of uninsured and reduced racial disparities:. With nearly 1. A relatively small study at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University looked at how often doctors make recommendations to patients about healthy lifestyles.

Researchers surveyed 91 physicians: 30 primary care physicians; 30 oncologists; and 31 specialists urologists, gynecologists, and dermatologists. The study adds an interesting perspective to the discussion about the role primary care doctors play in long-term survivorship care, and ongoing gaps in overall cancer care. We often hear how fear of cancer recurrence affects cancer survivors after treatment, and fear of recurrence was the topic of one of our most popular webinars.

Here, a cancer survivor and oncology nurse shares her experience facing recurrence anxiety and provides some ideas to help mitigate its impact. New York Times reporter Rod Nordland shares his personal experience discovering and navigating a brain tumor diagnosis while on assignment in New Delhi, India. The bill is sponsored by Rep.

If implemented in Medicare, it is our hope that private insurers would adopt similar measures. The plan has two parts. First, HHS would undertake a rulemaking process to establish a system for states and other entities to engage in drug importation from Canada. The second part of the effort would be to establish a pathway at the Food and Drug Administration FDA for manufacturers to import versions of drugs that they currently sell in foreign countries. To be clear, this is only the first step in a lengthy process, and NCCS will continue to monitor and report on any further developments.

Last week, the Senate Finance Committee approved a drug pricing bill by a vote of 19 to 9. However, the bill continues to face several serious challenges according to several reports. Republican Senators expressed concerns about the bill. The pharmaceutical industry lobbied aggressively against it on Capitol Hill this week.

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Democrats pledged that they would agree to floor action on the bill only if there is a vote on protecting pre-existing conditions and a vote on allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices during consideration of the bill.