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Until the very last part of the downswing, keep those wrists locked.

Golf Swing Wrist Action to Lock and Load

Then, let them go and watch that ball fly. Not Yet! Most golfers release their wrists too soon in the swing. You just can't wait to send that ball flying, so you start to swing your shoulders and arms down too early, instead of letting it start naturally with the torso. You end up swinging the club down and then you have to release the wrists in the middle of that downswing.

You've really got to wait until the final nanosecond of the downswing to let the wrists go.

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The timing is something that you have to work on. You shouldn't have to force it; if you let yourself unwind just right, your wrists will know when to release. Usually, when you release your wrists too early, you end up hooking the ball. If you get lots of hooking, you should take a closer look at your wrist release.

What Happened? Some golfers don't release the wrists at all. This is most often due to nerves, or trying to force the ball right into the target area.

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You might be uncertain of your shot, and this will make your shot stiff and frozen. It sounds bad, but even very good golfers do this.


If you don't release the wrist at all, or not enough, you'll end up hitting the ball much shorter than you intended to. You probably will be closer to your intended target, but you'll lose yards and yards on it.

How Do The Wrists Release In The Golf Swing

Get It Right! Here's a good tip for you when you're practicing: Relax.

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Let all that tension go. Being nervous about your shot is the number one cause of improper wrist release. Twist your body, put your weight on your forward foot, and do it. It should be a natural motion, and you just can't be natural with it if you're whole body is tense.

Here's another way to think about it: You are using the rotational force of your body. Black belts in karate rotate their torsos in the same way to add power to their punch. Getting the right wrist release is a Zen thing; it happens when you don't think about it. Sound esoteric? Then watch your ball fly on a straight path directly to your target.

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Click here for more information. One of the most significant golf swing instructional tips is to learn how to align your body to your target.

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  8. The reason why this is one of the most important golf swing instructional tips is that if you body is not aligned properly to your target line your club face will not bottom out at [ One of the most important tips on golf swing is to take much more club when hitting to an elevated green. Specifically, one of the most significant tips on golf swing is that you may need to select as much as a three stronger club when approaching an extremely elevated green from an uphill lie. First of [ You can expect to produce higher golf shots than you ever thought possible.

    You can expect to turn your shoulders to a complete and full backswing.