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A former RNC digital strategist, Mair now runs her own online communications consulting shop, which advises a roster of Fortune , major advocacy and political clients. In , Mair advised Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on digital communications strategy for his successful June recall campaign, liaising with Internet media to help the campaign circulate its message online. In the wake of the GOP's losses, Mair has challenged the party to rethink its strategies, and particularly its data mining technology and digital communications, in order to close the gap with Democrats before As director of digital advocacy strategy, Holdridge guided Planned Parenthood through its most intense four-day digital campaign of — a crisis campaign that began when Susan G.

Komen for the Cure announced early last year that Planned Parenthood would be ineligible to apply for funding. Within an hour of the decision becoming public, Holdridge and others noticed how upset supporters were over the decision. By the next day, half of the tweets the organization was producing were retweets of supporters. Holdridge said that Planned Parenthood learned how to elevate its supporters voices as a role in the crisis. Right before the Supreme Court was set to issue its ruling on the Affordable Care Act last June, Lansing tried an innovative strategy to motivate public opinion.

We like to poke fun at ourselves and at other people Politics is a little stiff. People who are relaxed about it tend to do a little better. Under Lansing, the NRCC has tripled its digital staff to nine this year, making it one of the largest digital shops in Republican Party history. During the election cycle, Morales was part of the team that built the Obama campaign's Dashboard, the program that interacted with volunteers to find a local field team and volunteer for assignments in districts close to them where help was needed.

Morales said she is helping to work on a social call tool that will attempt to connect volunteers with friends who are targeted voters. He was also involved in overseeing the launch of a new account — GOPEspanol — which aims to directly push the party message to Spanish-speaking voters.

Our push is not limited to immigration — we will talk about everything from economic opportunity to family values. Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly named Cameron's title as Social Media Director. His accurate title is Director of Digital Media. Becker, a former Daily Kos blogger, has helped liberal candidates gain an edge on social media at Progressive PST, which she helped start in As Becker sees it, sentiment analysis can be one important piece of the puzzle in gauging how to market a message to voters.

Social media can be both the first and last step in the process.

THE DIGITAL 50: The 50 Hottest People In Online Politics

Correction: Becker is now a partner at Indigo Strategies. As she tells it, Cohan's real political life began when she met a couple at a Tea Party rally who showed her how she could tweet on her phone.

From there, she turned to Twitter as an outlet to share her political opinions — and to network with other like-minded people. The campaign failed, but Cohan kept working in politics, taking a job in the office of Sen. John Thune R-N. This is what the movement needs more of. Now at Citizens United, Cohan said she hopes that the RNC will devote more manpower to its digital operations in future election cycles.

The non-partisan Sunlight Foundation has been at the forefront of a growing effort to use open-source tools to track political influence, improve government transparency, and hold lawmakers accountable. The organization's digital efforts have been spearheaded by its communications team, under the leadership of Schneider and Bartolomeo.

Together, the pair have helped Sunlight increase its online exposure and engagement, and build up an army of volunteer civic hackers. In particular, the Sunlight Foundation has been a political pioneer in using Tumblr for political communications, using the microblogging platform to pass around the organization's pretty data visualizations.

The Sunlight Foundation has hit the ground running in , launching two new open-source projects that will help users track legislative information and open-government related events in all 50 states. A longtime tech strategist and prolific blogger, Rotich is a leader in developing digital tools for crowdsourcing crisis information and leveraging the power of the Internet to uncover violence. Rotich's nonprofit group, Ushahidi, was originally inspired by the violence in Kenya's presidential election, and its software has been used to help the media cover violence in Chile, Haiti, Chile, and the Congo.

DeLuca was thrust into the position of victory digital manager at the RNC during the presidential campaign in May. The Obama guys have been thinking four, eight years out. DeLuca has since moved into a job as account supervisor for Edelman in Washington, but has stayed active on Twitter in a campaign-type role. He said the key to future success for the GOP lies in the RNC's willingness to think outside the box when it comes to digital and social media strategy.

There need to be social communications with people, whether in campaigns to sell dish soap or political campaigns. People have to have a connection to that product. Geer and McSwain, two v eteran digital strategists on the Democratic side, were behind the guerrilla-style digital strategy of American Bridge super-PAC during the election.

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In addition to their work with American Bridge, Geer and McSwain also ran digital operations for the National Voter Registration Day, which registered nearly , voters in just one day. And they've been running Wikipedia's online fundraising strategy for the past three years.

They do not tune in to talk radio, nor do they attend political gatherings or rallies. Still, Hale says she sees the party starting to make strides. Now, I think people are starting to see the bigger picture. You have to talk about the issues.

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In November, Israel launched a social media offensive to present the nation's military in a positive light after it began airstrikes in Gaza. The man behind that account, Tablet magazine discovered , is Lt. Dratwa has been in charge of the IDF's social media presence for the past two years and, according to Tablet, has " turned it into the most globally visible arm of the Israeli military. After disappearing from the spotlight after his Fox News departure in , Beck has re-emerged as a prominent voice in conservative media through TheBlaze and TheBlaze TV.

Beck's one-hour show is the centerpiece of TheBlaze TV, but he has built something of a digital empire with other contributors gaining a following. The B. Beck also has some more wild plans to expand on his newfound digital success.

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Early this year, Sullivan made the surprising announcement that he would split from The Daily Beast and run his blog independently. It's a daring new media venture that is rather unprecedented. But if his project works — which Sullivan concedes is still a big if — he sees the tides of web journalism changing. He said some of the bigger names in the media world could follow him into independence if his model succeeds.

Nate Silver was one name he mentioned to Business Insider. A strategic partner with Hynes Communications in Chicago, Zanotti is best-known in the digital world for her blog, NakedDC , which provides snarky conservative libertarian take on politics and other assorted news. An aspect of entertainment definitely better brings the message to people. Over the past four years, Erickson has become one of the most powerful and influential conservatives on the web. His blog, RedState, provides a good barometer of conservative sentiment, and has gained influence over the past few years, breaking scoops about the Republican Party.

Erickson was a go-to conservative contributor on CNN until he left the network this year for Fox News.

Dybwad is a founding partner at CRAFT, an innovative Republican new media company that incorporates elements of communication consultation and media, digital, and print services for political candidates all in one. Although Love lost her Congressional race by 0. Dybwad thinks that the comprehensive strategy helped make Love into a big name during the campaign. CRAFT turned her heralded speech at the Republican National Convention — which was carried by exactly no national news networks — into a spectacle, promoting it heavily through various modes of communication.

Perhaps no one boosted his standing off the campaign as much as Silver, who correctly predicted the outcome in all 50 states in November. He also nearly nailed the popular result with his projection model. Overall, Silver has revolutionized how ordinary Americans view polling and the importance placed on empirical data. The question now is whether Silver can continue to dominate the conversation outside of election years. She is responsible for building New York's first-ever "digital roadmap," which she says is a "holistic plan for modernizing the city.

Great Graphic Novels for Kids

The fact that Haot's position even exists is a testament to the way that the Internet has changed how government communicates with its citizens. Under her leadership, New York has taken a proactive role in leading that change, growing its social networks to more than 2. She is also overseeing the redesign of nyc. These online networks underwent a major stress-test during Hurricane Sandy, which required the city to make sure its message was consistent across platforms, while also informing New York residents about emergency services. In the wake of the storm, Haot oversaw the city's partnership with Google on its Crisis Map, and sought ways to expand the city's digital partnerships to help recovery efforts.

The mayor of relatively small Newark, Booker has become a national household name largely part because of his grasp of social media. He has been active on Twitter for the past few years, famously turning Twitter into a tool to aid his constituents during a massive snowstorm. Since then, Booker has continued to dominate the Twittersphere and use it as a means of engaging with his constituents.

During Hurricane Sandy, he invited neighbors who had lost electricity to his home to power up. In January, he responded to a call to pick up a dog out of the freezing cold. In the past year, Booker has also branched out his use of digital media. Booker is one of the big names backing waywire , a new online video network aimed at young people. No one can single-handedly dominate a news cycle with as little effort as Matt Drudge, the conservative blogger behind the Drudge Report.

Drudge and his site can drive the political conversation through a scoop — whether or not it turns out to be accurate — or by placing prominence on a story on The Drudge Report. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Grace Wyler and Brett LoGiurato. Patrick Ruffini, Founder, Engage. Lauren Miller, Digital Director, Sen. Elizabeth Warren D-Mass.

Inside an imaginary glass butterfly house, we make our way through a variety of butterfly and moth species, all fabulously illustrated by the very talented Alice Pattullo. A very lovely and informative read. An imaginative, entertaining story about scary new beginnings, featuring some comical, crazy characters and sprinkled with funny illustrations. The Call masterfully blends fantasy, horror and folklore.